Songs of Grief and Loss

Responses to 'Stop All The Clocks Song': 

"In my time as a wrestler I lost a lot of friends way before their time... It's such a perfect, haunting, yet uplifting song, that I was moved to ask if I could use it to dedicate it to their memory...".

Nigel McGuinness

English Retired World Champion Wrestler

"A beautiful song and singer indeed...." 

Diane Hart; 'Director', Atheist United, L.A, Cal, USA.         


"The song is very lovely"  - Chrissie Finn, 'Song of America'.

"This song is getting some attention in the humanist community as a nice addition to the list of songs appropriate for a grieving humanist" -
Brian Magee, Communications Associate, American Humanist Association (AHA).

"A very pretty Humanist song!" - Greg Epstein, Humanist Chaplain at Harvard University, and author of the New York Times Bestselling book, 'Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe'.

"What an amazing performance and video - I was truly moved" - Dr Jim Walsh, CEO at Conway Hall, which is described as 'a landmark of London's independent intellectual, political and cultural life'.

"Very Pretty" - Sara Passmore, Head of Education and Promotion, British Humanist Association (BHA).


  "Magnifique,sublime.émotion,.ex­iste t'il une version française??????????"       - (


"This works! It's a great song" -
Pat McNees of 'Comfort Dying', Maryland, USA.  Writer - editor and author of "Dying:A Book of Comfort".